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Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Household Items

By Gurkha Clean

Hey there, cleaning warriors! Today we're diving into a treasure trove of household cleaning hacks that'll leave your home shining. From tackling stubborn carpet stains to giving your oven a good scrub, we've got you sorted. Ready to kick those pesky dirt and grime to the curb? Let's roll up our sleeves and get started.

Spoiler alert! You may even start looking forward to cleaning day! Stay tuned and happy cleaning!

Carpet: Vacuum high-traffic areas more frequently and spot clean stains using a mixture of dish detergent, warm water, and white vinegar. Get ready to bust those stubborn stains and show them who's boss!

Couch: Use the "steam" setting on your iron to tackle stubborn stains between professional cleanings. It's like giving your couch a spa treatment - steam away those pesky spots!

Windows and Blinds: Clean blinds with an old sock dipped in a vinegar-water solution for a quick and efficient method. Who needs fancy tools when you have socks? Sock it to those dusty blinds!

Ceiling Fans: Use a pillowcase to dust fan blades, trapping the dust inside and preventing it from falling everywhere. Pillow fights just got a cleaning upgrade - no feathers, just clean fans!

Bed Linens: For white sheets, add a squeeze of lemon juice in the washer as a natural brightener. Get ready for a citrusy fresh start every time you hop into bed!

Duvet Cover: Use the "burrito method" to easily change your duvet cover. It's like giving your duvet a delicious wrap - changing the cover has never been tastier!

Bed Pillows: Opt for down-alternative pillows for easy, frequent cleaning. Fluff 'em, squish 'em, and enjoy a clean and comfy snooze!

Mattress: Spot clean stains with a baking soda, salt, and water mixture. Time to give your mattress some spa-like TLC - say goodbye to those stubborn spots!

Closets: Purge by keeping basics and classics while discarding trendy, duplicate, or uncomfortable items. Give your closet a makeover and let go of those fashion faux pas!

Toilet: Pour vinegar in the toilet to prevent stains before cleaning. Let vinegar do its magic and keep your toilet sparkling - no stains allowed!

Bathroom Sinks: Use disposable disinfecting wipes for daily sanitation. Keep those sinks squeaky clean and wave goodbye to bathroom germs!

Bath Towels: Wash them in hot water (140°F or 60°C) to kill bacteria. Turn up the heat and give those towels a bacteria-blasting spa treatment!

Shower Grout: Use bleach and a toothbrush to clean discoloured areas. Say hello to a bright and shiny shower - it's toothbrush time!

Bathmats: Wash on high heat, but air-dry those with rubber backing. Keep those bathmats fresh and fluffy - they deserve some airtime!

Kitchen Counters/Sink: Use a bleach-water solution to disinfect daily. Let your counters and sink shine like a clean kitchen superhero!

Sponges: Soak them in a bleach-water solution weekly for thorough cleaning. Give your sponges a spa day and keep them germ-free and ready for action!

Oven: Place a bowl of water inside and heat on high for 20 minutes to loosen dried dirt and grease. It's time to steam away the mess and make your oven smile!

Dishwasher: Run a hot water cycle with a cup of vinegar inside for routine cleaning. Give your dishwasher a refreshing cleanse - it's vinegar's time to shine!

Refrigerator: Work in sections during deep cleaning to prevent food from getting too warm. Keep your fridge cool and organized - say goodbye to mystery leftovers!

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